-Adora. She is pretty much a dog. Happy National Dog Day!
-Let me tell you a story about that last photo. I don’t believe I have told it before. So Taylor and I were sitting on the couch and I had our candy box sitting in between us. Well, Adora, being the nosy kitty that she is, just had to see what was inside and do some sniffing. So she sat right next to the box and stuck her head over the top and started searching. She was trying so hard to get her nose in the bag of marshmallows that she would choke herself on the side of the box. After the first time hearing her gag I figured she had learnt her lesson, but no. She just kept doing it over and over again, chocking herself again and again. Taylor and I just sat on the couch LAUGHING so HARD. It was the most hilarious thing ever. We tried to record it but it was too dark. Maybe I can get the box back out…
-We sound like horrible parents for not stopping her, but I mean c’mon!?
-We went to go see The Giver last night. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting. We both liked the first half, but the second half seemed rushed and low budget. Now I haven’t read the book in ages so I have no idea if it is suppose to be that rushed, but it just felt like they were running out of time so they squished everything in. Plus I wasn’t a huge fan of the acting. Not a movie I plan on buying.
-We saw The Giver instead of riding our bikes, oops.
-My stomach doesn’t feel all that great. I think it is from the garlic bread I ate last night.
-I can’t believe I’m running 12.4 miles on Saturday! Taylor and I were joking that we may as well run past the finish line and do 13.1 miles. Haha, maybe.
-Garmin is still not working for me! UGH.
-My car went in for its 10,000 yesterday, and it came back with flying colors. She is looking good. Now just to fix that pesky windshield dent.
-My goal for running is August was 50 miles. Low, because I wasn’t sure at the time if my stress fracture was completely gone. Right now I am at 53 miles, wahoo! So I should get close to 70. I think that is the most I’ve ever ran in one month!
-Cause the players gonna play play play play play…
-Taylor fever right now. I broke down and purchased the song, and now it is forever stuck in my head.
-It makes me shake though ;)

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W12 HMT Recap:

This week was a COMPLETE failure. I didn’t even run as much as Smashrun says I did, as it does M-S weeks instead of S-S weeks. Things just got too busy and I didn’t have time to put in the cross training, nor get in my miles. Miles was mainly because I didn’t feel good so I’m not gonna beat myself up too much over that. Also everything got shifted out of place so that messed everything up too. In general just not a good week for me. Oh well.

X Sunday: Strengthen and Stretch rest
X Monday: 5 mile run sick
✓ Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross 5 miles
X Wednesday: 5 mile run + strength rest
✓ Thursday: rest 3.5 miles
X Friday: 60 min cross rest
X Saturday: 10 mile run sick

This weeks schedule:
✓ Sunday: Strengthen and Stretch 3.65 mile run
✓ Monday: 5.5 mile run 6.5 mile run
Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross
Wednesday: 5.5 mile run + strength
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 20K Race

Yesterday was a 5.5 mile run

So on the training plan was a 5.5 mile run today, but I was wanting to do a 10 mile run, as I didn’t get it down Saturday, or Sunday. However, once we got to the park Taylor decided he didn’t want to run so I didn’t want him to be waiting for 2 hours for me to be done, plus I was getting two new blisters on my left foot and didn’t want to risk making things worse by pushing through, as I have the 20K on Saturday. Instead, I opted for a 6.5 mile run which means between today’s run and yesterday’s 3.65 mile run I did run 10 miles. That counts right? RIGHT? Not really, but I’m okay with that. I guess I’ll just be going from 9 miles to 12.6 miles. Should be interesting. Just hoping all my blisters heal by then. Putting a bandaid on my right foot blister REALLY helped during the run. I didn’t feel any pain, so I think once I pop and put band-aids on my left foot blisters I’ll be good.

Also, Garmin won’t upload my run :(

I was tagged by runningfortwo. Thanks, I had a lot of fun remembering all these great books :)

Rules: In a text photo post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.

  1. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  2. Fake Liar Cheat by Tod Goldberg
  3. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  4. Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks
  5. Gone for Good by Harlan Coben
  6. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  7. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  8. Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott
  9. Exit Here by Jason Myers
  10. The Pact by Jodi Picoult

I am tagging: everyone! Please, I’d love to see and add books to my “to read” list.

Getting pumped for my run ;)

I honestly can’t remember the last time I checked in with you guys. BUSY weekend. I also have no photos to show how busy this weekend was, so you get my Monday mug instead.
Lets see…
Friday I worked from home so I could bake Taylor some birthday cupcakes. I made vegan chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, baked a Reeses cup in the center of them and made Nutella cream cheese frosting to top them off. They were a huge hit, yay! I also had some plain cupcakes with pain frosting for those who aren’t a big Reeses and Nutella fanatic like Taylor. We went out to Mexican that night with family. I restrained myself by only having one small margarita since I was planning on running 10 miles the next morning.
Saturday I woke up feeling pretty gross. I stayed in bed until 9 then forced myself to get up, get ready, and drive to the park. Once I got there I still felt like crap and I knew my stomach wasn’t going to make it the 10 miles, so I left and went to Charlee’s softball practice instead. Afterwards, we dropped Charlee off at the houseboat while Taylor and I went to Alex’s wedding shower. I’m not going to lie, I was a little jealous of all the awesome goodies they got ;) We then headed back to the boat to celebrate Taylor’s birthday in style. I once again had to restrain myself and only had two glasses of wine the whole night so I wouldn’t be dehydrated for 10 miles in the morning.
Sunday I woke up at 7:30, ate, laid back down for like an hour, then got up and got ready to run. Taylor and Charlee came with me and just walked the trails while I was out running. I was only able to go 3.65 before the blister on my foot got too painful. I knew it was going to happen. My previous blister just fell off the day before so I still had pink raw skin on the bottom of my foot, so while running I had two new blisters form on top of that skin. SO PAINFUL. I should have put a band-aid on because the run was going to great! Oh well. Lesson learnt. So I walked the 3.65 miles back to the car. So I still got quite a bit of exercise in, even if it wasn’t all running. Oh, and first run in the new shoes = success. I liked them. I couldn’t tell that I was 1/2 inch off the ground. Will have to wait and see how they withstand on a longer run, but for now they are doing great. We then came back home, showered, and I proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. IT WAS GLORIOUS. Naps are my best friend. Then Taylor woke me up so we could go over to his mums house, where Charlee and I colored while Taylor cleaned out some of his stuff in his old room. We also ate dinner then, dropped Charlee off at her mums, went to the grocery store, came home, watched Hulu for an hour and then passed out. Side note: On the way to the park to run a giant rock decided to fall from the heavens and crack my windshield. God clearly doesn’t want my new car to stay in good condition.
Today (Monday) I will be trying, AGAIN, to run 10 miles. Third time is a charm right? I hope. I’ve got blister band-aids on my feet, I have my gym bag all packed so I can go straight to the park after work, and I am drinking lots of water. I’m ready to kill it. I so badly want to run the 10 miles before the 20K this weekend. I want to at least be somewhat prepared. After running, if I run the full 10 miles, I will have to rush home, take a shower, and then leave for Taylor and mine’s birthday dinner with my family at The Cheesecake Factory- I mean, how perfect is that? During my run I just have to think about the delicious cheesecake I will be worthy of eating if I run the full distance. Do it for the cheesecake Lauren!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) I get to take my car in for its 10,000 mile car check-up! Thumper is no longer a new car. She is used, and unfortunately damaged on top of that. GR.
So that’s pretty much the gist of my life so far. Quite boring in all honesty. The only highlight is that cheesecake tonight, and date night on Thursday :)

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When you hit your runners high

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I went for it and got some new Pearl Izumi running shoes. It has a 1.0mm drip which is near as dammit to 0.0. It has about a 12.0-14.0mm cushion. I didn’t want to go higher than 8.0mm, but when I did a quick run in these I couldn’t feel the blisters and soreness on the bottoms of my feet, so maybe I just need that extra cushioning for now. I’m excited to wear them for tomorrow. It’s definitely gonna be weird being half an inch higher ;)

I’m glad I’m not the only one!

my-life—in-a-nutshell replied to your photoset “So I want to do a quick recap of my run yesterday, since I didn’t say…”

That feeling! It’s not only my feet. Sometimes on long runs, I feel like my legs are no longer attached to my body. It’s like they are just doing what they have to do and I’m not in control, which I know isn’t true, but that’s what it feels like.)

Yes, my legs too! It was the weirdest experience, and I’m sure it will happen again tomorrow. I seriously thought that I wasn’t gonna be able to get my legs to stop running when I was at the end. Totally felt like they were not mine. haha.

lizzielulu114 replied to your photo “Greatest thing ever created? Yep. And it’s vegan? Even better!”

Have you had this stuffed inside a chocolate bar yet? Trader Joes sells them near the register. I can’t even…

Whaaaaa? No! We don’t go to Trader Joes very often as it is even further away than Whole Foods, but I am going to have to make a mental note to get one when I’m there. Sounds heavenly. 

Today was a 5 mile run

Dehydration city. A mile into my run I could tell I was very dehydrated so I talked myself down to a 4.5 mile run, then to 4, and then finally to just the short course which is 3.5 miles. And of course I forgot my water so I’m waiting in the Taco Mac parking lot for Taylor to come with Gatorade. I’m so excited to drink it!
Legs felt heavy. Maybe I just run better having two rest days in between. Or something. Whatever. I’m thirsty. Ugh.

Hot as balls. This run is not going to be fun.

I found this on the counter when I got home yesterday afternoon. It made me smile :)

So a 5 mile run was on the schedule yesterday and I was actually going to do it, despite running the day before. However, I wore the wrong socks to the park and my shin splint was still aching a little even after stretching and foam rolling, so I opted against it. Instead, I got into work early so I could leave at 15:00 instead of 16:00, go straight to the park, run, and still hopefully make it in time for Taco Mac’s “secret” beer tapping at 17:00. We will see.
Yesterday’s drive to the park wasn’t a complete waste though- I went to our running store and tried on shoes. On Sunday we went up to the Merrell store because both Taylor and I need new running shoes (his for walking and hiking, obvs), and the pair that I so desperately wanted just didn’t feel right. They are just like the ones I have now, but not a 0.0mm cushioning. They were a 8.0 cushion, but the arch was just too high and I knew that it would bother me too much. Then we went to the New Balance store and the one 0.0 drop shoe they had was way too big, plus I didn’t like how it felt in general. So yesterday, at Big Peach I found some Pearl Izumi shoes that I really liked. They felt really good and they had somwhere around a 10.0-14.0mm cuchion if I had to guess. Really I have no idea though, I could be way off. The website doesn’t list their cushioning, only the drop. So I’m going to go back today and try them on again, and run around the block and see what I think. Has anybody had any experience with Pearl Izumi? I’ve heard of them through biking, as I have their biking gloves, but nothing on the running shoe front. The reviews I’ve read online seem to be positive and they are only $99 so I think I’m going to give them a shot.

Otherwise not much else going on. Taylor has a pinched nerve in his knee. I’m hoping it gets resolved so he can run 10 birthday miles tomorrow!


Today was a 3 mile run or cross

Since I didn’t run yesterday I made up for it today with a 5 mile run. This is how I wish all my runs would go. My splits were AMAZING. I never get splits like this, and now it is happening more frequently. I like. I started out slow, but once mile 3 came around I felt like I was flying. I didn’t even get tired until the last half mile, and that was probably because I ended up on the same course as the running group so a part of me was secretly competing against them. One guy I passed even told Taylor “she is going hard!”. A proud run for me. I’m really starting to feel the positive effects of running regularly and slowly increasing my mileage.

Post run: gatorade and protein bar right after, and a grilled cheese and grapes at home. SO HUNGRY.

Greatest thing ever created? Yep. And it’s vegan? Even better!