I think I jinxed myself.

I should have said my run was horrible yesterday.

Or maybe I’m still dreaming. Yes, maybe this is one of those freakishly realistic dreams, although my OJ tastes too good to be fake. 

I woke up this morning in fair amount of pain. My right foot (the other foot) hurts quite a bit. My stress fracture is back. I can barely walk on the foot. It aches even when I’m not putting any pressure, and lets not even talk about when I try pulling my toes back. I just can’t seem to catch a break. This stress fracture came  out of nowhere. No warning signs. No slight ache after running yesterday. It’s like a fractured it in my sleep.

So, unless I miraculously heal in two days, the long run is off the table. I’m working from home today so I don’t have to put any extra pressure on it. Since it is my driving foot, I also didn’t want to have to be using it for 45 minutes straight. 

3 weeks and 2 days. It can heal by then right? 

Today was a 6 mile run + strength

Looks like you were right iwatchtheworldoutside! Today was a great run :) Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  • I did the exact same course as yesterday, and shaved of 4 minutes. SO much better
  • Also, my only goal for this run was to not stop. Yesterday I stopped 5 times (not including my first stop where I had to shake out my knee). 0 stops this time around
  • Shows what a difference a bad day vs a good day makes
  • I had this overwhelming fear that I might have a bad day on my half marathon day. Please no.
  • I had an encounter with about 5 different squirrels. Those are some indecisive animals.
  • I have ran 203 miles since starting the half marathon training plan. WAHOO.
  • I may do strength later tonight. First comes cleaning.
  • And eating of course ;)



I laughed way too hard at this….

Oh boy.. This is far too accurate

I’ve only been home 5 minutes and I already have a kitten on top of me.

3 weeks, 3 days

Can’t believe the half marathon is almost here. AND that we only have 10 weeks left in our training schedule. Still feels never ending though.

Post-run fuel done right. SO GOOD.

Today was a 3 mile run or cross 6 mile run

H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. This means tomorrow’s run is gonna be great right?

Throwback Tuesday: Alex’s wedding :)

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Eating and drinking instead of running.

I started running but my knees and shins hurt too much. I’m fine with running through aches, like sore muscles, but not through bone issues. So I’m resting an extra day and I’ll make it up tomorrow.


katiegirlchasesinfinity replied to your photo “I spent my morning watching this documentary, Mission Blue. I highly…”

Shark finning is THE. WORST. Marine conservation is such an important issue that not enough people are focusing on! How come you can never scuba dive?

It is! I knew it was cruel, but I didn’t realize it was that awful. UGH. At least put them out of their misery. So sad.

I can’t scuba because I had surgery on my left ear when I was 6. They had to put ventilation tubes in to reduce fluid build up. Because of all of that, my left ear can’t take too much pressure. I can barely go down 12 feet without feeling pain in that ear from all the pressure. Taylor thinks I will be able to go Snuba diving (where you wear the whole head piece), but I don’t think I will be able. I’m trying to plan an appointment with my ENT to find out…

W15 HMT Recap:

Well hey there! I got in all my miles :) I’m totally sucking on the biking and strengthening aspect of this plan, but running is priority numero uno. And I was in third place on the Garmin weekly leaderboard!

X Sunday: Stretch and Strengthen rest
✓ Monday: 6 mile run
X Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross rest
✓ Wednesday: 6 mile run + strength
✓ Thursday: rest
X Friday: 60 min cross rest
✓ Saturday: 5K race, 10K race

This weeks schedule:

Sunday: Stretch and Strengthen
Monday: 6 mile run
Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross
Wednesday: 6 mile run + strength
Thursday: rest or easy run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10 miles

Looks like I will probably be alone with running this week. Taylor has extensor tendonitis. He has pain on the top of his foot that is made worse when he lift his toes upward. The exact pain I had with my stress fracture, so when he told me it had been getting worse I did an internal freak-out that he had broken the bone already. Thank goodness that is not the case. He just has to rest and stretch. Hopefully he will be back up and running this weekend or the beginning of next week.




*boop* *bap*



This made me giggle far too much

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Yesterday’s post-run fun was heading up to Taylor’s cousins neighborhood to go boating on the private lake. SO nice. So much better then Lake Lanier. Less crowded and the water was super clear and clean. We parked at a little peninsula to have lunch and then the kiddos when tubing. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to get some sun, even if we all did forget sunscreen. Oops.

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Post-run fuel ;)

Today was a 5K race + a 10K race

5K recap:
So I was trying to place in my age group for this fun. HAHA. At. mile 1.5 I knew this wasn’t going to happen because we got hit with a giant NEVERENDING hill of death. I had to walk. There actually weren’t many people that ran the whole hill. It was that big. So that made my second mile pace 10:09, which my other two miles were under 9:00. Oh well. It was still a fun run. I felt hungry the whole time, and it was mega humid, but I survived. I was the first one in our group to finish. Then it was mum, followed by Charlee and Taylor! Her first official 5K time is 37:24 which I think is great considering she doesn’t run, and it was a damn hilly course. She was pretty psyched that she got a medal! Then it was dad bringing in the rear. None of us won in our age groups as they were only doing first place. I did however beat my fastest mile by 2 seconds, and my fastest kilometer by 1 second. WAHOO ;)

In between races I had a big gulp of gatorade, a little bit of water, and one gummy. I both stood and walked around, but never sat- I think that was the best choice. 

10K recap:
UGH. This one, even though it was flatter, was a little bit more tough. My muscles were sore, the bottoms of my feet were sore, I was thirsty, and I was STARVING. However, I kept my goal of wanting a pace under 11:00. I also changed it to 6.22 on Garmin because I know the watch lost me and these courses are certified. The ending to this race was the worst because it was all uphill- for like half a mile! That is just pure evil. But Taylor and I got another medal. The same one, but still. Taylor also one in his age group for the race, so all in all we ended up walking away with 5 identical finisher medals, and 1 finisher medal with Division Champion written on the back.

Now it is time to eat EVERYTHING, and I mean that.