W17 HMT Recap:

Third week in a row getting all my mileage in. This has never happened before. I’ve only ever gone two weeks in a row, and only twice, haha. Better late then never.

X Sunday: stretch and strengthen rest
X Monday: 6.5 mile run rest
✓ Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross 6.5 mile run
X Wednesday: 6.5 mile run + strength rest
✓ Thursday: rest 6.5 mile run
X Friday: 60 min cross rest
✓ Saturday: 11 mile run (+ a lot of bouncing)

This weeks schedule:
Monday: rest or easy run
Tuesday: 3 mile run or cross
Wednesday: rest or easy run
Thursday: rest
Friday: 60 min cross
Saturday: 10K race

Decided to take this week a little more easy. Lots of aches and pains lately, plus my left foot still occasionally hurts, which is not cool. I’d like to aim for about 15 miles though, but just depends on how I feel. I know I will at least get 6.22 in ;)

I do like the Latin language, but it is from Gilmore Girls :) That show is the best. On Netflix in two days!!

And thanks fivefootsomethingsweating :) I really like the location of it, as it is not common.

Charlee’s Birthday

So this is why I haven’t blogged all weekend. It is Charlee’s 9th birthday today, and Taylor had her this past weekend so we celebrated, every single day. It was a lot, and I was exhausted and had a headache by the end of the day yesterday, but it was good fun!
Friday night we each gave her a present early- Monster High DVD, and a DIY night light. She loved both and it gave us something to do that night. Saturday we bummed around for a little and then left at about 11:30 to go to the park. I ran my long run, while they practiced softball, or they were suppose to at least ;) Apparently that didn’t really happen. After I was done we came back home, I took a shower and a nap, we all got ready, and we headed out for Charlee’s birthday party, organized by her mum. It was up at Sky Zone, a giant indoor trampoline arena. It was actually pretty cool. I would prefer to go on a day with less kids as it was a MAD HOUSE. I was so afraid of jumping on a kid, or Taylor doing a back flip and kicking a kid in the jaw. But we all jumped for awhile, and then I watched Taylor play Dodgeball and jump into a pit of foam squares. Then after an hour of jumping we went upstairs to the celebration area and the kids had food, and I had the most amazing Frozen cupcake ever. I will seriously get my wedding cake from Publix because their bakery is THE BEST EVER. The party ended just before 7PM, so afterwards we headed out to Mexican to further celebrate. Then we went back to Taylor’s mum’s house to open half of the gifts Charlee got at the party (the rest stayed with mum). Headed home around 10:30 and went straight to bed. Sunday morning we woke up, we gave Charlee our presents and played with them for a little bit, and then left to go watch The Boxtrolls. SO CUTE. I loved it! The Movie Tavern was even giving away free Boxtrolls posters. Sweet! Afterwards we headed back home and bummed around some more, and then headed out to Mexican again for our own little birthday party with Taylor’s side of the family. Dropped Charlee off at mum’s afterwards and watched her finished opening the rest of her presents. This girl racked up almost $300. Like dang! Lucky ;)
So, that was our weekend. Lots and lots of celebrating. The next two weekends will just be Taylor and I- 10K and wine fest next weekend, and then Jekyll Island the next!

I feel so rude! Did I ever respond to you? Anyways, it says In Omnia Paratus, and loosely means Ready For Anything.

Saturday was an 11 mile run

This weekend was crazy busy, so no blogging. This is my last long run until the half marathon. 12 days away! I’m actually not nervous, as least not yet. I currently have 237 training miles under my belt and still 5 potential runs left until the race, so I feel confident. For my last half marathon race I had ZERO training miles under my belt, so I’m gonna kill my time.
Anyways, the run went decent. My pace was still slower than what I want for the race, but I still beat last weeks 10 mile run pace, even with two stops. I felt good all the way until about the last 2 miles. I put too much water in my pack so it was making me slouch and causing my back to hurt. Taylor and Charlee stayed at the park and waited for me so when I came up on them around mile 9 to finish up with two loops I dropped my pack on the side of the road, and tried to tell Taylor to pick it up for me- I really had no energy to yell across the parking lot, but he grabbed it for me. I had to pass them two more times before being done. My pace actually picked up on those last two miles, even though I was tired. Having nothing on my back really helped. I need to get a sharpie and mark on the bladder to make sure I don’t fill it up past a certain point, especially since I don’t drink much when I run anyways. I stretched a tiny bit right when I finished and then sat in the truck for a couple minutes (I was feeling dizzy). Then after about 5 minutes, I told myself that I just had to walk 4 laps around the truck, stretch my calves, and then I could go home and take a shower. So I did.
The whole way home I was so cold, and when I took a nice hot shower, I still couldn’t warm up and had goosebumps! I immediately dried off, laid in bed, and took like a 20 minute nap. I had to get Taylor to come and drag me out of bed cause I was still cold and just wanted to sleep.
I haven’t decided what kind of mileage I want to do this week. I was feeling sore all over during the 11 mile run, and I felt some slight pain in my left foot, so I kind of want to take it easy the next 11 days. I think I may just do what I am comfortable with this week, run the 10K race on Saturday, and then do two short runs before the following Saturday.

Well okay, I’ll take that into consideration on my long run today.

I need his prosthetic leg.

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Look what came in today! My first tumblr mail, and in my opinion the best first tumblr mail too! Thank you so very much courtrunson. I cannot wait to try this stuff ( white first ;) )! Boxed vegan mac n cheese has been a three year dream, and now it has come true. i’ll let you know what I think!

And a beautiful postcard of a state high on my list to visit :)

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Me on non running days:
"I could run there!"
"Look at those people running! Ahh. I love to run!"
"This song would be PERFECT to run to."
"I wish I could run today, but gotta lift!!!"
"I wish I could run today, but gotta rest!!!""
'Maybe I should just run today.”

Just a quick 30 second preview into the life of a talkative cat. This is her ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I don’t think there is a cat that talks more than this one.

Oh, and we don’t use the tub. Landlord never cleaned it so it is still dirty. Nope, no thank you.

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Clearly I’m horrible at replying

vegancupcakecommander replied to your photo “I am currently eating a giant and delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Not…”

“My stomach felt gross all day, so instead I had a cupcake.” This is why I love you bwahahaha!

And I do believe that cupcake helped. I mean when do cupcakes not help!? ;)

iwatchtheworldoutside replied to your photo “I am currently eating a giant and delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Not…”

We’re going on a cruise in January. So excited.

oooh! Where are you going and who are you traveling with? I’m biased towards Royal Caribbean. 

katiegirlchasesinfinity replied to your photo “I am currently eating a giant and delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Not…”

Your landlord is seriously The Worst.

Oh he is. He is going down in history as the worst landlord to ever live. He came over the other day (8:00 at night by the way after saying he would be there not later then 6:00) to discuss all the money he owes us and when leaving and only giving us $100 he had the nerve to say that we need to do a better job at cleaning because the house smells. UHM, it probably smells because you are like 15 feet away from the litter box where Adora just took a shit. AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN CLEAN THE HOUSE WHEN WE MOVED IN. WE DID. It was the grossest thing I had ever seen and WE CLEANED IT. Oh, he was lucky that I stayed in the bedroom the whole time because I would have fucking lost it. I don’t think I can hate somebody as much as I hate him. 

running-engineering-cats replied to your post “Seriously?”

You have a lot more self restraint than me!

Haha, I apparently have a lot more restraint then most of you guys! I really wanted to, and I wish I had, but I just wasn’t in the mood.. They should consider themselves lucky cause I’m sure the next person won’t be as nice.

bensjourneyforlife replied to your photo “She may look all sweet and innocent but she is driving me up a wall….”

I’m sure you make sure she had plenty of water so I wouldn’t worry about that. Have you changed up her food? What kind of food does she get?

Yea, her water bowl is always filled, and we even turn on the tub water for her because she loves drinking water that is dripping (loser). As for food, we have, but I won’t lie, I buy different food every time we run out. She has never had a problem, and since the weird licking we have switched her food 3 times so I don’t think it could be that. Taylor thinks she is cleaning extra hard because of fleas. He looked at her last night and said he saw one, but I want him to double check since flea medicine is not cheap. It would make the most sense though!

Today was a rest day

Hahahaha, who rests anymore?
Well me, but yesterday. I never told you guys but my left foot (the problem foot, not the fake problem foot) hurt like a stress fracture so I decided to err on the side caution with two days off instead of one, which means today was a 6.5 mile run.
I gotta say, I’m totally suprised by the pace. Not fast, but I mentally and physically was tired the whole run and wanted to stop, but magically my pace was 30 seconds a mile faster then Tuesdays run. I’ll take it. Plus this was a course I had never done before. I parked at Taylor’s office, ran up to the softball fields, ran past them, ran through downtown Buford, and went back to the fields (Charlee had a game, that’s why). The first 3 miles of this course were hilly and I got stopped by three lights, yet my pace was great. My pace was half marathon pace. Even though it didn’t feel like it, it was a great run.

13 miles done, plus the house smells like pot. (It’s not pot. It’s the catnip bubbles)

She may look all sweet and innocent but she is driving me up a wall.
Alright cat owners/vet people I need your help. Adora is a LOUD cleaner. She never used to be, but starting about a month or two ago she became a loud one. And my loud I mean it slurping gross noises while she bathes herself. It’s so loud that she wakes Taylor and I up in the middle of the night. We can’t keep her out of our room cause she just cries the whole night. We have taken away her food in hopes that will force her to just sleep through the night. I just don’t know what else to do. It’s SO annoying and I’m getting more and more crabby as the days go on. Lack of sleep doesn’t do me good.
So any advice would help!


So I went to the mall today to return something- which don’t even get me started on how much I hate the mall now. I dread going there. At least my natural scowl deters salespeople from trying to straighten my hair, give me a massage, shape my eyebrows, and slather lotion all over me. 

Anyways, back to my story. When walking out of the mall and heading towards my car I see this group of four kids. Well, not kids, they were probably like 19 or 20, but I see them far up ahead and I notice one is sitting on car. I couldn’t see the car but I automatically thought that better not me my car. Then I let it go, cause really, who sits on somebody else’s car? Well, low and behold I walk up to my car and this guy is literally SITTING on the hood of my car and his friend is leaning up against it. I just stood there with a confused WTF look on my face. He jumps up and says “OOOH, is this your car? Oh man, I’m just sitting on it.” I was honestly at a lose for words so I didn’t say anything and as I proceeded to get in my car he said “whoah, I got a mean mug from her”. OOOOOHH, he was lucky I wasn’t in the fighting mood because I was about to explode. Was I suppose to smile at the fact that you HAD YOUR ASS ON MY NEW CAR? 

UGH. People are so rude and inconsiderate. 

More cat spam. She is just being ridiculously cute tonight. I can’t take it.

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