Oh hi guys! Where we are staying has no cell reception so I’m just now finally able to get on and do a quick update.

I gave Taylor the Fenix 2 on the plane as an early birthday present, and he has been obsessed ever since. He talks about it to everyone.

We landed around 1:30 but didn’t get to Bellingham until about 6:30 because we had to wait for our bus and then traffic put us behind schedule. We went straight over to Taylor’s grandads house for. Graduation party. It was fun, but I was SO tired.

So the next morning (Saturday) I did this thing- I ran. I probably shouldn’t have risked it, but I felt no pain before, during, or after so I was lucky. I don’t plan on running anymore when I’m up here though, just to give it extra time to heal.
Anyways, the run went good. I started out really slow because I didn’t know how my foot was going to do. It ended up doing good so I sped up and decided to actually compete. The whole race I slowly got faster and faster which is great for me. However, I got lost on the course by missing a turn so my second mile was my slowest- 9:51. Because I got lost I decided to run even faster to get back to where I was. I knew I had to catch back up to the guy in blue, but I never did. I saw him right at the end. I was probably two minutes behind him. Dang. Had I stayed on course I probably would have gotten around 28 minutes, but instead I ended with 30:34, with my watch saying 3.25. Taylor’s watch said 3.05. Ah well. It was still fun and they didn’t even do age group awards, just overall.

After racing we got a rental car, went grocery shopping, and headed over to the chili cook-off. It was fun. Lots of food, and lots of running around and playing. The adults played beer frisbee where you try to hit the beer bottle of a pole with a frisbee. It was tons of fun but I got a frisbee to the ribs which hurt and then the beer bottle hit me in the face and now my lip still hurts. We also stayed up late playing a game called kick the can with the kids . It was fun until Taylor tripped me by hitting my shins/ankles, causing me to face plant into the ground. I had to sit out after that cause my legs hurt so much and I had a headache.

Sunday morning we had pancakes around the campfire. Then we packed everything up and went home. Showered. Got ready. Left for a car show which was pretty cool. The oldest car we saw was from 1903. It was a steam car that didn’t even had. Steering wheel but a handle that you just moved left or right. Afterwards we went back to the camp site to celebrate a birthday with Mexican. More kick the can.

And now it is Monday. Everybody is doing stuff inside the house and I couldn’t just sit in there and stare at the wall. So I am sitting outside listening to music. Much better.
Today we are going to the lake to paddleboard and kayak. Should be good, as long as the weather stays this nice!

I miss reading about you guys. I just have had no time. Hope everyone is doing good!

We are coming for you Washington!




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I laugh, but it’s frighteningly true

I can’t stop laughing

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I long for the day that I will only be poked and prodded once a year. 4 abnormal pap smears. Let’s hope number 5 breaks the streak!

TMI Thursday much?

@seechrisrun replied to your photoset “We are slowly trying to eat everything in our kitchen over the next…”

Gosh, that sounds a lot like the pain I had in my foot in April. The PT said she didn’t think it was a fracture because it would hurt all the time. I was able to work around it in a few weeks, but now it makes me wonder.

I bet that is what it was, just not full blown. I know mine didn’t hurt all the time when I first felt it, and that is how it is right now. I’m glad you were able to work around it. and heal. Did you just stop running for a few weeks? 

@bensjourneyforlife replied to your photoset “We are slowly trying to eat everything in our kitchen over the next…”

Thanks for describing the feeling you had of a stress fracture. That had me more cautious about similar pains I’ve experienced on my last couple of runs.

Your welcome. I hope it’s not a stress fracture, but I do recommend stopping if you think it is. I felt that pain for a few runs actually and ignored it and then bam, my last run was the most painful thing ever. It’s like it takes a while to build up and then just one run pushes it right over the edge.

chelsearuns replied to your photoset “We are slowly trying to eat everything in our kitchen over the next…”

You can always get some cushy shoes to rotate in with your minimals! Your poor feet :( I am so sorry you are injured!

Thanks, that is the plan! I have an older pair from a couple years ago that are not a 0mm drop or a 0mm cushion, so I will try those ones out for now, especially with all the walking we will be doing in Washington. And thanks. My feet are probably so tired of me, ha

We are slowly trying to eat everything in our kitchen over the next couple of days, so cereal in a Tupperware container it is. I brought way too much.

So about that stress fracture… It’s real. Totally a stress fracture. Where I circled is about where it is. I’m having a hard time finding it cause it just isn’t hurting right now. I think this one will heal a lot faster than my previous ones as I have caught it early. Having those other stress fractures I now know the warning signs of one coming on. I felt it last week but didn’t connect the dots, and I felt it Monday, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized what it was. For those that have never had a stress fracture, it is an odd feeling when it is in its early stages, or at least I found it to be. When I had my first round of stress fractures I thought maybe I was lacing my shoes too tightly. My foot felt tight, like it was under a lot of pressure. I felt this Monday. It was hard to lift my toes up and away from the ground. Like I said, my foot felt tight. When I noticed this Monday I thought that maybe it was because I had been wearing my compression sock and it was making my foot tighten up. However, yesterday I remembered that this was the exact same feeling I felt last October when it started happening. So my run yesterday was okay. It wasn’t horrible. I got my form back, and the top of my foot actually didn’t start hurting until probably the last .5. I probably should have stopped right when I felt pain, but since I knew I wasn’t gonna be running for a while, I decided to just do the full 2 miles. It never got worse.

The negative: This is going to mess up my training schedule and I doubt I will run the race on Saturday, or complete any runs in Washington. It makes me even more nervous about my 20K at the end of August.

The positive: I caught it early. Like really early. I can still walk around fine. It doesn’t scream out in pain even when I’m putting no pressure on it, so that is good. It is also only slightly painful to touch the area so also a plus. And, it wasn’t that painful to run on either. I could probably do a couple more runs before it turns into a horrible mess, but I of course won’t. I’ll be bringing my more padded running shoes to Washington as we will be doing quite a bit of walking/hiking.

So yes, the running gods hate me. I cried all over Taylor last night, and then drank and ate a little bit too much. I’m just SO tired of being injured, and maybe this is a sign that my feet just can’t handle going 100% minimalistic. I mean, I know that it is because of my running form, but maybe until I’m constantly running correctly I need to get a little bit more of a cushion between me and the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe running minimalistic is the way to go, ​however it shows that you really truly have to have good running form in order to do so without injuring yourself. I just took running on your toes too literally.

So long post short: My third stress fracture in less than a year. Doubt I will do any running in Washington, but you never know. Looking at a little bit more padding in my shoes. Increasing my calcium intake. The end. Sorry for the long post.

Today was a 2 mile run or cross

I have a stress fracture again. Just gonna leave that here. Just… not in a happy mood.

I’M SO HUNGREEEEEEY. Stop looking at sunglasses Taylor!

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Thank you! The sloshing was seriously driving me crazy and everybody was staring at me when I ran by them. I told Taylor and he was like ‘of course!’. We were trying to figure out how to stop it from doing that. Haha

Never had a salad. Yep, crazy. I think I’m the only 24 year old vegetarian that hasn’t had one. I don’t know how I have survived this long on the few foods I do eat!

Yes, that is actually what I needed to hear. They do happen, and usually it makes my next run feel like gold, or at least a little better. There are always going to be bad days. Thank you for the reminder.

I will be. I definitely don’t want the knee thing to be a blown out problem. I’m focusing a lot on foam rolling the IT band and making my quads stronger as well stretching my calves a lot. As long as it doesn’t get worse. And I’m glad about the top of my foot too, minus this last run ;) As long as I focus on my form I should be fine. And hopefully overtime I won’t have to focus so much and it will come naturally.

Isn’t that turtle just the cutest? We found him and a friend of his in the back yard a couple of days underneath all our bamboo. Adorable.

I HATE my hair. I just don’t know what to do with it anymore. I’d love to have bangs back but running with bangs do not work well. I’d also like to cut it short, above my shoulders but I would have to straighten it more and I don’t wanna. I just want to shave it all off. Taylor said he’d still date me so… ;) I wanted to get it cut before Washington too but my lady was booked, plus I just have no time to drive 30 minutes for a trim.

I had dream after dream after dream after dream last night. It was ridiculous. The only one I can really remember is Taylor’s niece holding somebody’s pet caterpillar and she accidently dropped it so the guy who’s pet it was quickly picked it up and he looked like he was about to be in tears because the caterpillar had a bump on his back. Everybody felt so bad. Yea, who knows. I also dreamt about Obama being bombarded by two lesbians who asked him if they should be allowed to get married. My mind is weird.

2 miles today. Hope it goes better than yesterday. Top of my foot was sore the whole night after yesterday. Blah. Hopefully that run didn’t make anything worse.

Last day in the office tomorrow!
Last day of work on Thursday!
Leaving for Washington Friday!
Race on Saturday!
Lots of excitement!

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Today was a 4 mile run

Don’t let that smile fool you. I didn’t enjoy this run. I was just all out of sync. I couldn’t keep a proper running form so I ran all wanky. My arch hurt here and there. The top of my foot hurt here and there. My knee hurt here and there. I don’t know why I couldn’t run correctly. Blah. Maybe it had something to do with running with the pack. I wore it today to test it with water. I didn’t put much in it because 2 liters for 4 miles is ridiculous. The sloshing noise drove me nuts and it kept moving to one side. I’ll have to do some more adjustments with it, but it at least wasn’t heavy.

Anyways. I think I’m going to have some wine and chocolate. I’m in a grumpy mood now.

W6 HMT Recap:

​Not too bad. All I missed was the strength after Wednesday’s run. Most miles in a week so far- 17! This upcoming week will be a little less, as there is no scheduled long run on Saturday, but a 5K race pace run.​ I still feel good. Feet feel fine. I think changing how I land has definitely improved everything, and I rarely getting any pains on the top of my foot anymore. I am slightly nervous about my left knee. I’ve always had pain in that knee, even from other activities like skiing, so it’s nothing new, and I’ve lived with it fine. I’m only concerned because I am increasing my mileage, and I can occasionally feel its discomfort when I’m not running, which isn’t all that normal. We will see though. I will keep an eye on it. Anyways…

​✓ Sunday: Stretch &Strengthen
✓ Monday: 4 mile run
✓ Tuesday: rest
X Wednesday: 4 mile run + strength​
✓ Thursday: 2 mile run
✓ Friday: 40 minutes cross
✓ Saturday: 7 mile run

This week’s schedule:
Sunday: Stretch & Rest
Monday: 4 mile run
Tuesday: 2 mile run or cross
Wednesday: 4 mile run + strength
Thursday: rest or easy run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5K race pace (Whatcom Dream 5K in Washington- aiming for under 29 mins)

I’m hoping I can get all these miles in during the week, but I will have a lot going on with wrapping things up with work, packing, running errands, dropping cat off at mums, dropping car off at shop, etc. However, I’m excellent at making lists and organizing my time so these runs should be done.

Have I mentioned how much I love Sunday morning? Pancakes FTW.

I can’t believe today is the world cup finale. Meeting our parents at a local restaurant to watch it. Go Germany!

After our long run yesterday Taylor went and worked on his four wheeler while I took a nap and watched too many episodes of Top Chef. Later that afternoon we went to Mexican for margaritas. It was great. I don’t know why nobody likes to sit on the patio here. We were the only ones. Afterwards we met up with Alex and Daniel for drinks and dinner. It was a lot of fun. I can’t believe I didn’t take a single photo. Oh well, it was still a great night.

Back to work tomorrow for 4 days and then it’s Washington! Wahooooooo!

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Today was a 7 mile run

I stayed in my goal of a 10:00-10:30 pace, barely. Mile 5 and 6 were rough because of all the hills. That was also the point where my shoes started rubbing my skin more and more. Other from that it was a great run. Perfect temperature, never felt too tired, didn’t feel the hydration pack at all. I did get hungry right around mile 5.5. This was also a muddy run. The river flooded from the storm last night so there was a lot of slipping and sliding.

And I purchased the pack. I had to. It worked out great. I was nervous wearing it for 7 miles cause if I didn’t like it I was stuck with it, but I just kept forgetting it was there. Exactly what I wanted out of a pack!