I woke up with no foot pain! I did however wake up with very sore legs. I didn’t have time before work to stretch so that is my plan when I get home. Stretch and foam roll. So I’m hoping that since I woke up fine, that my foot has worked itself out and I’ll be good to go tomorrow for our 4.5 mile run. I’ve completed 97 training miles so far.
9 weeks down
3 more weeks until my 20K
9 more weeks until 1st half marathon
16 more weeks until 2nd half marathon

W9HMT Recap:

A very poor week, granted I was recovering from injury, but still. Skipped out on a strengthening day and a bike day.

✓ Sunday: Rest
✓ Monday: 4 mile run switched with Tuesday. 5.25 mile bike ride
✓ Tuesday: rest or cross switched with Monday. 4.1 mile run
✓ Wednesday: 4 mile run + strength switched with Thursday. Rest.
X Thursday: rest switched with Wednesday 4.1 mile run - no strength
X Friday: 50 min cross opted for a night out at the movies instead
X Saturday: 7 mile run could only do 4

This weeks schedule:
X ​Sunday: Stretch & Strengthen opted for a night out at the movies instead, again
✓ Monday: 4.5 mile run
Tuesday: 2 mile run or cross
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run + strength
Thursday: rest
Friday: 50 min cross
Saturday: 8 mile run​

​I need to stop skipping out on my strengthening days, as I know they are important for me. My goal this month is, unless I’m injured, to stick to my training plan- switching days is fine, I just need to make sure I do everything that the week is asking me to do. Too much red showing up on my spreadsheet.

This month I need to sign up for the 10K and 5K of the Suwanee Fest Race, as well as the half marathon and 10 Miler. ​

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